Tuesday, February 25, 2014


What the??? The other day we had really nice weather here in Denver. Today is was 64. Now, Monday night, they are talking about snow. Did spring's spring get sprung or what?

One of the lakes near us was thawed for several days and then the other morning it was frozen over again. 'Course, I would not want to venture out to see how thick the ice was. 

Mother nature needs to get with the program. I swear, I saw a fish last week at the lake that Nugget and I like to walk around that was wearing a coat.  There was also some geese with their butts frozen to the ice. We watched as a coyote tried to get a frozen goose dinner. He slipped and slid right by those geese. As the geese took flight, they left all kinds of feathers stuck to the ice.

Nothing like seeing a bunch of bare butted geese taking off. And some of them geese? I could have sworn that their honking was a few octaves higher than they should be. I'm ready for some warm weather. I'm sure the geese are also.

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