Tuesday, February 18, 2014


A 102 year old Missouri man, Eric P. Newman, hoarded nearly 2,000 rare American coins over 90 some odd years. The coins sold for $23 million at auction. He started collecting the coins in the 1930s, and paid about $7,500 for the 1,800-piece collection.

A 1795 U.S. silver dollar in "almost pristine condition" sold for $910,625.

Now, I'm thinking that I should have checked out all of the coins my Dad had collected over the years, instead of just selling them for the silver content for my Mom.

So, check them silver coins you all have. You never know what might be setting there waiting for you to discover.


  1. When I was but a child of five I can remember my great-uncles house burning in the early mornings hours. As the sun rose I can still see the parents and other relatives sifting the ashes for his hoard of gold coins. They found it melted into long blocks as he'd stashed in the old fashioned blind valances.

    1. Stephen, I wonder, at today's price, what it all would be worth. I have heard of people hiding things in all kinds of places at home. Then forgetting where they stashed stuff.
      I know of one family here in Denver. That demolished there Grand parents home, looking for gold and silver coins. The Grand parents did not believe in banks. The stash was finally found by one of the grand kids. Grand Dad had buried it in a old garage, belonging to his son. The place was right across the street.


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