Thursday, May 29, 2014


It's good that you can't hear my voice right now. I sound  like a cross between Andy Devine and Barry White, with a little bit of Popeye's girl Olive Oyl thrown in. I have a cough that rattles the dishes in the kitchen. And I should buy stock in Kleenex and toilet paper. 

'Course, to my way of thinking, a shot of Jack Daniels every couple of hours couldn't hurt much. Might even help some. Maybe some chicken soup, with a shot of Jack Daniels in the soup, and one on the side. The doctor says it is a combo of a bad cold and allergies thrown together. I'd rather have a combo from McDonald's. 

Maybe some Chinese food with that hot mustard they have. Oooh, some egg drop soup, with a splash of Jack Daniels. And a pupu platter. What is it they say? Starve a fever, feed a cold? Feed a fever, starve a cold? Aw, what the hell. Feed them both. But I must say, Kathi has been a real help. She keeps me on schedule with my pills and other meds. I seem to be a bit befuddled and I know that I have had a fever several times.

Also, I've answered the phone several times over the last few days and people think they have the wrong number. A friend told me it sounded like three people answered the phone at the same time. I called my aunt yesterday. She said she was sorry, but I must have the wrong number then hung up on me twice. I hate these springtime colds and seasonal allergies. They really mess with you.

So, watch yourselves. Stock up on your meds and allergy meds. And don't forget to also stock up on chicken soup and pupu platters. 

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  1. oh Flier - i am soooo sorry for getting to this post sooo late! oh buddy, you sound like you are really in the thick of it.

    show this to Kathi - it's a recipe for wellness. i know that she will make it for you and make you drink it at least 3 times a day or more times if you can handle it.

    crush a clove of garlic into a cup, add UNPASTEURIZED honey - as much as you want and some fresh-crushed ginger. now add a dollop of apple cider vinegar WITH THE MOTHER IN IT...and as much lemon or lime as you like. pour boiling water over all of it in the cup and then cover the cup for 10 mins with a saucer. drink it all down in one gulp or sip it. until you have drank it all. at least 3 times a day! all of these things combined make a natural antibiotic AND a natural antihistimine. i mean it. do it.

    much love to you and Kathi and all of your extended families. your friend,


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