Thursday, May 1, 2014


Just about everybody stashes stuff around the house, in the garage, or shed, RV, truck, car, or even at work. People have a pretty good sense of how to go about stashing things.

The things that get stashed are varied also. Kids, might stash their favorite toys, CD's, books, and who knows what else. As a child I stashed one of my favorite toy pistols, a German Lugar, that I still have to this day. A few old Hot Wheels cars that have seen better days. Some marbles and other items that I cherished as a child.

Today though, we stash other things, that are more valuable. Coins, paper money, stocks, bonds, gold, silver, paintings, books, maps, firearms, and ammo. The list could go on and on.

Some times we go to great lengths to stash and protect our things. There is the story of the old couple that stashed thousands of dollars in seal-able plastic bags and placed the bags in ice trays in the freezer of their refrigerator. They had filled the trays with water, put the mechanism that you pull up on to break the ice cubes out on top of the plastic bags. They had filled so many trays, that there was no room for anything else in the freezer. If I remember right, the little freezer in the fridge held like $20,000 dollars or so. 

They found other stashes around the house, in the basement, under the stairs, in the garage, in tool boxes. All told, these old folks had close to $300,000. It was back in the early sixties, when I was told about it.

Stashing stuff of value can be a good thing as long as you can remember where you stash things.

A good little stash would be to take a empty pepper can, pop the lid off, rinse it out. let it dry, and you could stash cash or jewelry in it. Now, people I know buy several cans of pepper at a time. When you stash some of your stuff in one I would put that stash right back up on the shelf with the rest of the cans of pepper and other spices. That pepper can will hold quite a bit of cash. And the lid will pop on and off, so you can get to your stash in a hurry if you need to.

That's just one little idea for a quick stash. Next time, we will check out a bigger type of stash.


  1. As we used to say, "Cool." I like the pepper can idea.

  2. Is that toy Luger from RAT PATROL by any chance? 'Member that show?


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