Tuesday, June 17, 2014


A buddy of mine called the other day and asked if he could ask a few questions about prepping. He has been "bitten," so to speak, and wanted to know what I thought. I told him that it is a good idea to do some prepping since we do not know if and when the SHTF, and that it is a good idea to be prepared for other types of disasters. He was concerned about firearms and what to get.

I told him not to worry about any new firearms right now (he has plenty). He would like to get an AR or an AK. He still has his pistols, shotguns, and hunting rifles and plenty of ammo. He also does some reloading. I told him these are fine for right now and that he needs to stock up on other things, without breaking his bank account. He has medical training, which is a plus for he and his family.

Now, we have done some camping, hunting, and fishing together over the years. He knows his way around the outdoors. I would trust him and we have had each other's back. He was worried and has been trolling the Internet for prepping. There is a lot out there, and plenty of things that you might need or think you need. But you need to look and take some of this with a grain or two of salt.

There is so much out there in terms of packs, bags, tents, tarps, tools, knives, kits, cookware, water purification, fuel enhancers, stoves, fire starters, pants, hats, and tons of other things that maybe you need. Or do you? I'm sure, a lot of us, are going to be using what we have had for years of camping and what not. And if/when the SHTF-- if you don't have it you will get it, if the need comes along, from somebody that didn't make it.

We covered quite a lot of topics and I gave out a few blogs for him to check out. He wondered if he got all of the stuff he and his family needed how he would be able to bug out if the need arose. You can only carry so much on your person. With what he has looked at and read, he said he would need a semi truck to move it all. So, we talked about having a bug out place, some land, maybe a cabin so he could store some of his preps there.

I feel for the guy. He has a lot to think about and lots more reading and such to do. He said he would be checking some of our blogs. He will try to cut back with his thinking that he needs all of this new stuff. 

'Course, there is some new stuff I wouldn't mind having my own self!


  1. Food, water. Then worry about the little stuff.

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    2. Stephen, food and water are at the top of his list. Plus he is looking for a BOL.

      Thanks for stopping by my friend.

  2. Flier - this is one of the best prepping posts i have ever read! when we first started to "prep", we were horrified by all of the different blogs and websites that listed off thousands of dollars of equipment, 4yrs worth of freeze-dried food and needing to move to the redoubt! thank goodness we had some brains in our heads or else we either would have gone completely into horrible debt or just died from the shock of it all.

    when you first start thinking about prepping - the number one thing in my mind is a bug-out location. while you are trying to acquire one, you pay down all of your debt, build up some food stores and then move to your BOL.

    your advice to your friend was sound advice. finally, someone is providing good prepping advice. thank you Flier! i will send all of the people who send me panicked emails about wanting to start prepping to this blog post!

    much love to you, Kathi and all of yours, always buddy! your friend,

    1. kymber, thanks, he has got a lot already. At the top of his list right now is water and food. Plus, he is looking for a BOL.

      Our love and best to you and Jam.


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