Tuesday, July 29, 2014


A lot of us are pack rats. We keep stuff and never get rid of stuff. We collect more stuff as the years go by. I still have my Hot Wheels cars and the beginner's set of track. It's somewhere in our garage. I can remember my sister and I smacking each other with sections of the orange track as we chased each other through the house when we were kids.

Ya know, them things HURT when you get hit with them! I also still have a few toy guns that fire caps. Remember taking a whole roll of them and setting on the sidewalk with a rock and hitting or scraping the caps to get them to go off?

I also still have my skateboard from a Christmas long ago. I gave my sister my Ken doll years ago. When I got him as a gift, it was not to long before they came out with ACTION FIGURES! G.I. Joe, Captain Action, and others. Me and my friends went bonkers over them. I ended up with five or six of each one.

Of course, I found and still have several of my stuffed animals from when I was still in diapers. I might hang on to those for when I'm in the old folks home and back to wearing diapers!

I also found several of the plastic eggs that Silly Putty came in. One of them still had the putty from about four of them eggs. If you dropped it, it might break your toe. I"ve found numerous little green soldiers, tanks, jeeps and such. As I got older, the stuff changed.

In my teens, I had black light posters. I still have them. I'm afraid to try to unroll them. I have all of my albums. You know -- the good stuff: Three Dog Night, Steppenwolf, The Who, Santana, Deep Purple, Foghat, Led Zepplin, and many more. 'Course some are just a little warped. I also still have a few 8-track tapes and the 8-track player for them.

I found several car keys from cars I have had over the years, which I wish I still owned. 

I've have LOTS of camping stuff. I need to get out a few of my tents to see if they are still usable. At last count, I think there are at least five or more mess kits. I have enough fishing poles to open up a store. Stringers? I've got a bunch, but they are all tangled up. And that's not counting the poles and stringers and all the tackle boxes and such from my Dad. Yep. He was a pack rat, too. 

I don't know why, I've even still got some clothes from back in the day. Now, why in the world would I need a leisure suit? And those damn platform boots. I got them for doing DISCO!! And I hated disco. . . still do to this day. But the young lady I was chasing back then was into Disco and Barry Manilow. When she decided that we needed to take up Roller Disco, I had to put my foot down without falling in those platform boots.

She wanted matching everything for Roller Disco. The shorts she picked out were so tight on me that my voice went up several octaves and I could not sit down in them without being cut in two. They were so tight that if I farted, the sound would come out of the waist band instead of one of the leg holes. They were so tight, that after an hour of wearing them, my legs were swollen so big that I would have to be cut out of them to get them off.

Yep, fond memories come with some of the stuff we gather in our life times. Other things though? I started to have nightmares about the Disco shorts. Maybe it's time to let some of this stuff go.

Anybody need a pair of size 8 platform Disco boots?


  1. LOL! I also am a pack rat. I inherited it from my mother's mother. Yep it is inherited. My son longs for me to get rid of stuff, just as my grandmothers son did.

    Every time I begin to start to go through stuff, I think "maybe I can sell this on ebay someday"... and nothing gets done. LOL! My biggest horde is BOOKS. I have thousands. But no one wants books anymore... not with kindles and nooks and such. I tried to donate them to libraries and schools and they don't want any of them. The subjects range from gardening to fiction to plant/animal ID books to all kinds.

    I guess I can be happy that my ex stole all my good fishing gear. ;) But now I need to buy a new fishing pole, he took BOTH of mine... he had like ten... not sure why he took my two. oh well.

    I guess I should go through stuff... maybe one box today. :)

    1. Kellie, thanks for stopping by. If it were me, I'd hang on to all of those books, they could come in really handy one of these day's. If we ever have a EMP, people will need books.

      And, as for being a pack rat. I think it runs in a lot of family's. LOL! Just as long as we have room, I think I'll do like you and go through a box now and then.

      Have a great day, and God Bless.

  2. Jim, I'm glad that your packratting is neat and organized, though.

    Kellie, most of my "stuff" is books, too. I'm WAY better at it than I used to be, but I still have plenty. We can still donate at our local library; they have a huge booksale twice a year, so we are lucky that way.

    1. HEY! Maybe we should open our own library. And with every book checked out, you get a home made cookie.

  3. I'm with you on the GI Joe, I have a bunch of them, even some still in the packaging for whatever reason. I suppose it's about reliving some good memories and not so much laying in the yard (in the mud) while Duke karate kicks Cobra Commander in the junk.
    I have a lot of books, but for the most part we don't packrat much. I say 'much' as long as it's not referring to preparedness and self reliance stuff. That category has a lot of everything and hopefully it will never be really needed.

    1. Max, thanks for stopping by. Yeah, going through some of those things sure does bring back some fun memories. And any self reliance or preparedness stuff, does not count as being a pack rat. I also hope we won't need all of ours .

  4. I'll pass on the disco boots. We have been doing some of the same. Still more to go.

    1. John, thanks for stopping by. Are you sure? I can make you a heck of a deal on these disco boots. LOL!

      I'm about to the point, that it seems that every box I go through. There seems to be another six box's to do.


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