Friday, August 15, 2014


As most of you know, I walk around a lake not to far from home. I have found that I really like taking these walks early in the morning. There are times I remember to take a camera, and times I forget the camera. Well, I should have had the camera with me this time.

As I made my way to the far side of the lake, I heard what sounded like a couple of dogs fighting. As I rounded the bend to a point that I could see more of the trail, I saw some movement in the tall grass by the water's edge. As I got just a bit closer, I could see two little red foxes having a tug a war with a BIG carp. Their Mama was lying in the grass watching and drying out her fur. 

I don't know if she went in after the carp and caught it, or if it was dead and just floating a few feet from shore. But those two little ones were sure raising cane, and tugging and pulling. The carp had to be at least five pounds. Those two little ones growled and pulled, and went around and around, each one trying to take the whole fish for themself. Mama, just lay there watching. 

Other people who walk around the lake were also watching. Some who had their dogs with them walked on, and others with dogs stood and watched. There was one dog though who looked and acted like he wanted to join in with the little ones. He wasn't much older than six months or so. He had the longest legs and the biggest ears I have ever seen on a pup.

His owner was nice and kept him at a distance. We all watched the little ones still tugging on the carp. All of a sudden, one of them lost his bite on that old fish and his brother or sister fell backwards, and fish and little fox both went right into the lake. Well, the one who lost his grip on the fish rushed right down and kind of belly flopped into the water and the tug o' war went on.

I guess Mama, by this time, decided that there were too many people around. She waded into the lake with her little ones and grabbed the carp in the middle, with the little ones still clinging on. She shook that old carp and the pups lost their hold. They rolled around a bit. Mama kinda growled and started off with fish in mouth, the little ones bringing up the rear.

Everyone just stayed where they were, and Mama and little ones disappeared into the heavy brush and cat tails along the water's edge.

I never would have seen them if they hadn't made such a ruckus. It was fun to see. I guess I'll start paying more attention to the critters that inhabit the park instead of just walking and passing on by.

And I'll have to figure out a way to not forget the camera.

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