Wednesday, September 10, 2014


I woke up Tuesday morning with goose pimples. Nice and cloudy, with temps in the 60's. A breeze all day long and some rain. Some of the trees around town are starting to change color. We should have our first frost Thursday night, which means that our grapes should sweeten up. 

We are hoping to get to the grapes before the magpies and other birds take them all. I have noticed that some of the bunnies running around are putting on some weight. So, I guess I better get the snow blower ready and the snow shovels out of storage. I found my snow boots, and they are in good shape.

They say this winter is going to be colder and more wet than last year. Maybe I will get a chance to use my new parka that I bought a couple years ago; past winters have not been cold enough for me to use it. Maybe this winter will be it.

It is also about time to get out our home cooked soups and stew recipes. Fall makes for some good eating weather. That reminds me! I need to get a bigger belt. I seem to always start to pack on those winter pounds before the first snow. Plus, I need some new long johns. I seem to blow the butt out of them every couple of years. (Maybe it's from all the beans I eat in winter.) It seems like I never see long johns on sale any where.

Time to also dust off the hot chocolate mugs. Nothing like a good old mug of hot chocolate while you toast your tootsies in front of a nice fire. A hot tub is nice also, but I don't do hot tubs any more. Last hot tub that Kathi and I were in, my snorkel melted. When I got out of the hot tub, I was so wrinkled that I looked like one of them Char-pay dogs. Not a pretty sight.

Yep, a little taste of fall, can make you want to have summer come back.

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