Friday, November 21, 2014

DID YOU KNOW: Turkey talk

So, to carry on with talking about turkeys this week: Did you know that besides Tom turkeys making a gobbling sound they can make more than 30 vocal sounds? A gobble can be heard a mile away, and these are recognized by other male turkeys.

The female turkey is not as vocal. They make a clicking noise. Also, you can tell the difference between a female from the male by their color. The female's head is grayish blue, and her feathers are a dull brown, with a few feathers on her head and neck for camouflage.

The male has red, bronze, and gold feathers and a cluster of feathers on his chest -- maybe that's turkey chest hair! The males had bright red featherless heads and a beard. Also, the feathers are longer than the female turkeys have.

Another way to determine male from female is to check out their poo. The female poo is in the shape of the letter J. The male poo is spiral shaped. (I had to tell you just in case you wanted to know.) 

So, NOW YOU KNOW a little bit more about yummy wild turkeys! 

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