Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Hope every one had a great Christmas. And everyone got what they wanted from old Saint Nick. Hope that your traveling to see family and friends was not too stressful and that you were all able to get your homes decorated. Now, we can get ready to pack it all up, put everything away and get ready for the new year.

Things went really well for us this Christmas. We had certain people, former family members, that we did not hear a peep from. A few family members sent a few pictures. There were plenty of munchies to go around and my belly is more round than before. Santa sent me a leather punch. So, now I can just punch extra holes in my belts, instead of buying new ones.

I also got a new pair of expand-o pants. The elastic has worn out of the other pair from last year. And the wife found me some underwear that fits pretty good. I can get these up high enough to cover my belly button, and a large portion of the old Isle of Belly. (I'm still looking for one of those little plastic palm trees from those little turtle pools we had as kids.) So, with the new undies, I can quit going commando.

Oh, and the wife got some good stuff also. One of the things she got was some of those Yankee do-dah smelly air freshener candles, some frilly do-dads, and some other foo-fa-rahs. A few gift cards for Bed Bath and Beyawn. (I yawn everytime we go there.) I mean, how much stuff do you need for a bathroom? Well, it was nice anyway. It's been cold, and we have snow on the ground.

In fact, we forgot to empty the wading pool in the back yard and it is frozen solid. I watched a squirrel loose its balance the other day. He slid across that pool so fast that he lost his nuts, (get your mind out of the gutter!) that he was carrying to bury next to the pool.  

Yeah, I really like Christmas. The food, eggnog, Christmas trees, all the lights. People standing in line six days before that new I-phone comes out. Family, friends, and -- did I mention -- the food? Plus! All them Christmas specials on TV.

AND. The real reason for Christmas? 
All those many years ago a baby was born: Jesus.

Kathi and I hope that all of you had a very MERRY CHRISTMAS.


  1. Ours was very quiet and peaceful. Just the two of us. I received a hand sewed bookmark....still eating. Warm here, the squirrels have changed into the swim suits.

    1. Stephen, my friend. Thanks for stopping by.Glad you had a nice Christmas. Now, are them squirrels wearing one piece, or two piece swim suits? Just wanting to know.

  2. Ours was very quiet.....and the quiet was needed!
    Cold over here, expecting more snow and temperatures to drop even more. Glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas.

    Happy New Years To You and Kathi!

    1. Sandy, thanks for stopping by. Some times a nice quiet Christmas is just what is needed. Hope you have a great year.

      The temperatures hear in Colorado have been way low. And just had more snow over the weekend.

  3. Bed Bath and Beyond is my kind of store, can't help but check out all the cooking stuff and knives!
    Happy Holidays!

    1. Max, thanks for stopping by. Bed Bath and Beyond, does seem to have some neat stuff for cooking. I've never really taken the time to check out the knives and such.

      I'm still the kind of guy that likes to cook with old style cast iron. Just something about it.


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