Thursday, December 18, 2014


For those who prep, how about a Christmas list? I'm sure that there are some items that friends or family would get you. How about another one or two multi-tools? One for your bug out bag, one for your vehicle, and the one that you carry. How about some extra bow strings and maybe some extra bands for that sling shot? 

You can always use some extra pellets for that air gun and extra ammo for your shooters. Maybe some extra arrows are in order, also. How about an extra first aid kit or two? Even if they are just the basic kind. That's better than not having any at all. Maybe ask for a extra roll or two of duct tape. Ask for some more fishing line, hooks, and bobbers. Or, maybe a extra water filter or two.

Food stuffs are always welcome. A jar of honey, home canned food stuff that maybe you might be a bit short on. Know someone who makes jerky? Ask for some for Christmas. There are all kinds of things that you could possibly need or know someone who needs something for their preps. Maybe a pocket knife or belt knife. (I like knives. You can never have too many.) Get a Christmas stocking and fill it with some items that they can use. 

Sometimes we forget the simplest things that come in handy that could save a life. If you're good with your hands, maybe make someone a fire starting kit. How about a book or two on survival, plants, shelters, and whatever else you can think of? Me? I'm asking for a Batman-type of utility belt. I have so much in my pockets that I always look like I've pooped my pants. 

I've got about three pounds of stuff that I just have to have with me and carry every day. It's bad enough that about every fourth step I have to hike up my pants. So, think about some of the things that you need and ask. You never know what old Santa might bring you this Christmas.

Hmm, maybe some helium undershorts might help. HEY, SANTA! 

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