Thursday, March 19, 2015

A Jim Update (A Kathi Post)

Jim has had an emergency surgery and two ER visits just this week! He is on the mend, but still away from this blog for awhile. He is very tired and sore, and he has a second surgery in a week or two. So, add him to your prayers? Thanks – Kathi


  1. Kathi - please give Jim all of our love and best wishes! you both are in our prayers! we know that he has got what it takes to get through all of this. it's probably going to suck but just tell him that we are on his side and all of this will make for some great story-telling in the future!

    give him a big kiss from both of us. and you hang in there, too, Kathi - we know it's hard for both of you.

    much love always. your friends,
    kymber and jam

  2. Kathi,

    Were keeping Jim, and you in our prayers and close to our hearts.


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