Wednesday, June 3, 2015


We all know that rabbits are quick on their feet. And that they are quick to reproduce. When you have rabbits, they get into just about everything. They also seem to be on the smart side. It once took my Dad a whole year to get rabbits out of his garden.

Their garden was 50-feet by 100-hundred feet. They plowed, they planted, and fenced it off. Soon, the garden had young sprouts shooting up all over the place. Then the young sprouts and some of their veggies were disappearing, and my Dad found evidence of some wascally wabbits had been at the garden. He set some traps around the garden. He managed to catch a few. But the garden was still being raided.

He checked and rechecked the fence. He could not find where they were getting in. Then one day, when he was in the garden doing some hoeing, something ran between his feet. Scared the crap out of him. He started to look around the garden. Almost right in the middle of it he found a rabbit hole. He guessed that when he put up the fence that he fenced some of the rabbits in the garden. He told me that those were some of the best rabbits he had eaten in years.

Now our garden is up and ready to go. Except we came home the other night and found that a -- or some -- rabbits had been digging in our garden. The garden is now fenced off. But, it does not stop there. These brazen little bas***ds now lay in wait for Kathi and I. They will lay in the yard, right next to the sidewalk. You come out of the house, walk towards the garage, and it jumps up, scares the pee out of you, and runs off about 10 yards or so, and stops. And I swear that they turn around and then flip you off.

Some friends of ours are having rabbit problems also. Their rabbit problem is worse then ours. They have gangs of rabbits. And they swear that the rabbits are throwing gang signs back and forth at the dogs. I think that there will be a turf war soon in their backyard. I'm also sure that one of those gang of rabbits, is called. . . The Dead Rabbits, from that movie Gangs of New York. I think the other gang is called The Bunz or something along those lines.

I saw three rabbits just the other day, chasing a German Shepard down our street. They are so brazen that they have picked out a spot in our front yard to lay and sunbathe. Plus they watch our front room window while lounging in the sun, and flip you off if you look out the window. I'm hoping that they will chase the mailman. Then, maybe, if they don't catch him he will file a report. Maybe send in the National Guard or something. I even think that they may have scared off all of the coyotes around here.

These bunnys are planning to take over, I just know it.


  1. Flier,

    Time to pull out the gun and fill your freezer!!!
    But first flip them off before you fire your gun.

  2. Sandy, I'll eat bunny's, but, Kathi is not much for eating them. I have gotten out my slingshot to do them in. It will be good practice also.

    Thanks for stopping by..


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