Thursday, August 20, 2015


Last week was very hectic. I had lots of things to do. I helped a friend form high school. His basement flooded out over a month ago. He was totally gutting his basement, then found black mold. What a job. So I've been helping with things as much as I can -- moving furniture, ripping up tile, tearing out drywall, removing doors. Just tons of stuff.

When it is all done, they are going to have wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the basement. That's what the boss (his wife) wants. So, it will have wall-to-wall carpeting. Even in the bathroom. I've painted doors, bookcases, walls, ceilings, and whatever else needs done. It has been going pretty well. But there is one problem.

This friend does things the hard way. It's his way or nothing. He had this homemade bar, kinda nice, made out of 2x4s, wall paneling, and some scrap lumber. After he decided to get rid of it, we moved it from the basement, upstairs to the family room. Then outside, where it sat for almost a week. Then he decided to tear it down for trash pick up. He decided to tear it down with a chain saw.

There was no pulling of nails or taking off any hardware, just chopping it up. Well yesterday, I was over to do some more painting. He decided to also chop up this oak gun cabinet. He sawed through screws, nails, hinges, and handles. You can't tell him otherwise. One part of the problem is he drinks. Not just one or two. He drinks all day long.

I'm trying to be a good friend and help him out. But he is starting to really p*** me off. He has in his mind how he wants things done, no matter if anyone has another idea. I've moved this one bookcase four times so that it is out of the way. We finally moved it out to his garage yesterday. I had told him we should just take it up the stairs and take it to the garage the first time we went to move it.

So, I have not been able to blog as much as I would like. I played hooky on Wednesday, just so I could get a breather from his craziness. I hope that I can put up with his BS until it is all done. (You might want to wish me luck.)

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