Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Went to a friend's house because I was asked to help move "a few things" to help him get ready for some new carpet in his basement. HOLY BAT CRAP! 

A gun cabinet, an old vanity that was his grandmother's, emptied out a book shelf that goes from the floor to the ceiling, then move the bookshelf up stairs with all the books I just hauled up. A homemade bar with no booze in it. Kids' games, three safes of different sizes (that were full), a couple of gun safes, full. Pulled carpet and pad that went out to be hauled away with the gun cabinet and bar. (He put a "for free" sign on those.)

He did not have any keys for the safes, but he had the combos for them somewhere "in a safe place," he said. All written down. Dirt, dust, runny nose, sneezing, a couple banged up fingers --his, not mine. Removed some doors for painting. Washed some of the floor. By the time we got all this done in about three and a half hours, my butt was about two inches off the floor.

I'm going back today to help with painting of some doors and bookcases. That is, if I can lift my arms up past my waist. And if I can manage to get down all of those stairs he has. My god, I think I've gotten to the "old man" stage in my life. It's not time to be a old man yet, at least for another ten years or so, I would think, or hope. That would make me seventy or so.

That's when old age is suppose to begin, right? Please tell me. I can handle it. As long as you don't throw it at me. I don't catch to good any more. So, it's time for some aspirin, and maybe a rub down (or up) from Kathi.

If I can get out of the chair in front of this computer.


  1. Yep, you're there, that old man stage. I reached it about four years ago. You're a good man for giving the help. Wish I had a handyman on call.

  2. Flier,

    Us old folks are not suppose to be moving all that heavy stuff without some youngin's helping us!!!!
    Take it easy, and don't over do it. Ice pack also helps when it hurts to much.


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