Tuesday, October 13, 2015


As of Monday night, Kathi will be starting her fourth round of heparin shots. She is also still taking the blood thinner Warfarin. She may end up taking this for the rest of her life. Her poor belly is nothing but a massive bruise.

She still has some swelling in her leg and foot. And, she still keeps it elevated. She will be off work for at least another two weeks. Me, I'm hanging in there. A little bit more stressed. And, of course, worried. As long as I can put a smile on her face during the day, I feel like I'm helping her feel better. I'm starting to go through all the different things I know how to cook. There are a lot of things I can cook, but she won't eat it if I fix it.

I mean, how could you turn down some fresh fried liver with onions, green beans, corn bread with honey and butter. YUM! Or a big bowl of clam-chowder. Anyway, she is starting to get her appetite back. I know that she is on the mend. She asked for some bacon for breakfast. BACON! BACON! So, I hope that the store stocks up. I see a couple of pounds of bacon making its way to our fridge and skillet.

I want to thank those who have sent cards, and the prayers from everyone. Please keep them coming. It was nice being able to make it to church last Sunday. Now...I wonder if I can make bacon meat balls for a spaghetti dinner?

Thanks everyone. 


  1. While I must have missed the initial posts, I'll go read them now. We are glad she is recovering and if you are short on bacon we can send a few cans your way!

  2. Flier,

    I'm happy to hear both of you are doing better. Take it slow, give your bodies time to heal.
    As for bacon meatballs......that may have to wait especially if Kathi has a sensitive stomach right now.
    We will keep y'all in our prayers.


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