Thursday, November 12, 2015


Around the holidays, everyone seems to get the munchies more than any other time of the year. There is just something about being able to stuff our faces and worry about the end results at the beginning of the new year. My family use to start this feeding frenzy right after Halloween. We would eat up as much of the leftover candy as we could. Once we were tired of candy, we wanted something different to stuff ourselves with.

My great grandmother one year was tired of me, my sister, and three cousins opening her fridge every few minutes to look for something to munch or eat. She would holler at us and say, "There is nothing new in the fridge, that wasn't there before, so close the fridge, you're letting the cold out." I guess she had had enough. She grabbed a big bowl and dumped in what was left of some M&M's, peanuts, potato chips, and some dried fruit of some kind, leftover from the previous year when she made fruitcake.

Now, my cousins would eat anything and everything. They were always worried that one of them will not get his fair share. I mean, I've seen them fight over the ham bone from a pot of beans. Anyway, great grandmother threw a bunch of stuff in this bowl and set it out on a little table in the living room. Man, you would of thought that this stuff was the last meal on earth. My sister and I hovered around the outskirts of the bowl. We couldn't get near enough to try and get a hand full of it.

Our cousins came up for air, and me and my sister swooped in on the bowl. There wasn't much left. Some potato chip crumbs, a couple of busted up M&M's, the dregs of dried fruit, and them little chunks of peanuts and peanut skins. And there was also those hard chunks of the stale popcorn. You know, the ones that have not popped all the way. It was all gone. It seemed to satisfy our hunger for the time being.

Here is a recipe for some trail mix.

5 cups sugar corn pop cereal
1 cup raisins
2 cups peanuts or mixed nuts
2 cups of M&Ms

Mix it all together in a big bowl. Makes about 10 cups or so.
If you're the type, you can make up your own style of trail mix that is more on the healthy side. So, set out some trail mix. And FEED YOUR FACE! 

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