Monday, January 11, 2016


Last Friday I had my very first Tai Chi class. It was interesting, it was fun. In fact, you could say it was a "gas." It was also very relaxing. Which I guess would account for several people passing said gas. And, we ALL know that farts are funny. Loud ones, squeakers, low pitched ones, high pitched ones. There is such a variety.

Then, you have these people also saying excuse me every time that there is a "butt burp." Loud excuse me, soft excuse me, with a snicker or two along the way. I've heard that the same thing happens in yoga. Go figure. The instructor, who seems to be a nice guy, kind of started it all. First him, then one or two of the ladies in the class. Followed up by us guys. 

It was almost like we had a harmony going on, with Asian music playing in the background. My friend that told me about Tai Chi, never said anything about passing gas while in class. At least the rec center has good ventilation in the yoga room. And, what's up with all the mirrors around the room? I don't need four different views of myself trying to be graceful like a gazelle and looking more like a hippo in heat, moving around, and trying to get the moves just right.

So, maybe in a few weeks. . . maybe I'll look more like a graceful hippo. But it is still a workout. The others seem to have had more classes than I have. That's okay, I'll catch up. As for the gas thing, maybe a few air fresheners, like you hang in your car, might be in order to hang off a few backsides. 

It's all good.

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