Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Well, I do not know about the rest of you, but am I bushed and overfed. And what about all that mess of wrapping paper, boxes, bows, empty battery cartons, ribbons, and such? Who is going to clean up all that stuff? How many toys are already broken or have dead batteries? And, who ate that last bit of fudge that you were saving for yourself?

How was the trip to see grandma or other family members? Did you remember to load up all the gifts before you left the house, or were you one of those who got snowed in and couldn't even get out of the driveway? (Could be lucky in some ways.) Or maybe were you lucky enough to have the whole gang over and this Christmas was the best yet!

Our Christmas was a little on the quite side this year. I didn't get the Christmas lights up on our house this year, which is okay. I did get up our new fake tree and our dog Nugget left it standing this year, though we did have a close call or two when someone would come to the door. I also put up my parents tree at their house in Loveland. Even though our Dad is still in the hospital, he is doing a lot better and may get to go home on Wednesday. They spent Christmas together, and some people who work at the hospital had Christmas dinner made for the folks on their floor. My Dad also has had quite a few doggie visits and they perk him right up.

The rest of the family did their own thing. We had good food more than once, and I fed my face way to much. I smoked a good-sized ham, and it went fast. I can take what's left and make a BIG pot of beans. Our pinto bean fudge is almost gone, with no side effects of gas (for those of you who asked), but my dentist might give me a hard time. And now we wait for New Year's and we will be doing this all over.

Thankfully, we do not have any parties to go to this year. So Kathi and I will stay at home, watch old movies, feed our faces, and avoid all the hassle of being out on the road with all the others. It is safer that way and it will give us some time to be alone and relax from Christmas. I just feel sorry for the trash guy that picks up our trash. I never knew that two people and one dog could make so much mess on Christmas morning. We had all of the pots and pans to get clean in the kitchen, not to mention cleaning up the smoker. But it is worth it and we do enjoy the holidays.

Now, I'm wondering how our dog poop guy is going to feel. Nugget has had all kinds of doggy cookies, tidbits of food, and treats out the wazoo. Not that we spoil him or anything.

I just need to slip into my expando pants and take out the trash. And if I could find my slippers. . .oh, wait! I already have them on. I'm all set. I think I need a extra large zipper on my coat. So bring on the New year!

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