Wednesday, December 29, 2010


It is four days past Christmas. I found out last night that I can no longer see my feet. I think there was a eruption on the Isle of Belly. Also, my pants do not fit right. They keep sliding down. Kathi told me that I have Hank Hill butt syndrome. (If you have ever seen the show, you know what she means.) 'Course, I think that small butts run in the family. My Dad's is so small that he now wears suspenders.

Anyway, The Isle of Belly seems to have expanded some and now has two little Isles on both sides now. (Known as love handles to some.) The funny thing is I have not gained any more weight. OK, maybe like two pounds since Christmas. I also noticed that the shower seems a little smaller also. I dropped my wash rag, and it took me three or four minutes to find it. I had to use my feet to locate it, then push it around some to where I could bend -- more like a squat -- to pick it up. I guess I was making some type of noise while doing this, cause Kathi came to the door and asked if I was all right.

I have also noticed that when we go bowling on Thursday nights I make my approach different than I used to. Also, it is harder to see those little dots on the floor. So I just kind of guess where to stand before making my approach. It must be working, 'cause I was able to bowl a 234 last week. I have also noticed that I seem to walk down hill a little faster. I tried to ride my bicycle and had to put more air in the tires. Plus, I found it harder to get to my water bottle. And it seems that the hills by our house have gotten steeper.

I do exercise. I do lots of push ups and push aways. And I walk. Like, at the sportsman shows. Or gun shows. And lots of walking when swinging our metal detector. There is also bending involved in metal detecting and lots of exercise when we go gold prospecting. So I am active to some degree. Course, I'm sure that age has something to do with my weight also.

Those who remember me from when we were in school together know that I could eat anything and everything and not gain an ounce. Now it has caught up to me and I didn't really see it coming. But, the new year is coming up and I have a diet plan ready to go. If it does not work, it is going.

So I am still looking for one of those little palm trees that came with the little turtles that we use to be able to buy as pets back in the '60s.

If you know where to get one of them little palm trees or if you have one, let me know. The Isle of Belly looks pretty bare when I am in the pool and floating on my back. I still can't believe that I scared myself in the pool.

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