Friday, December 31, 2010

SURVIVAL STUFF: For home or camping

Sometimes it's good to have some things around in case of an emergency at home, camping, or on the road. We always hope that we will not have to use any of it, but it is good to have around.

You can use hand sanitizer to start a fire. Just about everybody has some, and it keeps well.

Cotton balls can make another good fire starter. You take cotton balls and put Vaseline on them, then put them in baby food jars with the lids on them. They keep for quite a while, too.

Either way -- if you have a power outage or need to get your fireplace going or need to light some wet wood. you're good to go.

Also, lots of us out there have those little tea light candles. If you put some in small jars (like baby food jar size), put in a book of matches, and put the lids on tight you have enough light to get from one room to another. I have two or three of these, that I take hunting and camping. I also have two of these in my truck just in case I ever need them.

You can do that with bigger candles and bigger jars. You could also take a piece of emery cloth and glue it to the inside of the lid for striking kitchen matches on. Keep all your candles in one spot so you do not have to run around the house looking for them.

Just a little planning ahead will save you some time if you ever come to needing them. How else will you find a snack in the dark?


  1. I saw your comment on Suzanne's blog about the pressure cooker. We had a house fire in 07, and when we first moved into our new house, I forgot I had the cooker on high for an instant,turned my back and it spewed food on our newly finished ceiling. You have never seem a lady move so fast at TRYING to fix that spot. It is still noticable, if you look directly at it, but Pop never looks at the ceiling(that I am aware of) so hopefully,three years later, I am still safe.

  2. Those are good suggestions and ones I had never heard or seen before. Suzanne could have used those ideas when she struggled with that new wood burning stove :)

  3. The stains were still there when they sold the house in 1975. My wife left some eggs on the stove, and all the water boiled off. BOOM! Went the eggs. It is funny now, how some of these things happen. We all can be thankfull that no one has been hurt. But maybe just a bit red faced.


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