Thursday, February 24, 2011

Drizzly, Chilly Days

How many of you like drizzly, chilly days? Not a lot of rain, just kind of a drizzle, sometimes more like a mist. When it's kind of cold out, but not too cold to make it freeze. The kind of day to set in front of a fire, sip on a hot mug of something. My choice is usually hot Dr. Pepper, sometimes with a little rum and a twist of lemon. Kick back with a good book and read all day. Or bundle up and go outside for a walk, THEN come home and do the fire place thing.

Then there are people like me who like to be up in the mountains on those kind of days. It's like having the mountain all to yourself; well, you and all the animals. When you walk, it is so still and you can walk the trails and see things that you have not seen before.

Like a mama deer and her fawn, lying curled up together against the rain. Or to see a rabbit under a tree with a fox not too far away setting under another tree, and they can both see each other, but neither moves. How about watching low hanging clouds drifting over the mountains.

Or seeing and hearing a big flock of ducks come off the water of a lake or pond. Or hearing the bugle of an elk. And the sound of a campfire! The warmth on your face and the cold on your back that makes you turn your backside to the fire.

How about the sound the rain makes when it hits the ground, or when it hits aspen leave? Watching a herd of elk feeding then lounging in a meadow. I love to listent to thunder roll across the mountains.

These are just some of the things that I like on days like this. How about you?


  1. We may not live in the mountains, but we live at the coast and on rainy day, I love to listen to the rain hitting the bay or the ocean water. Gulls seem particularly loud in their calls on those days. We DO do the fireplace(woodstove) thing and there is nothing like it. On these days too, I try to have a crockpot of chicken soup and some fresh baked rolls in the kitch.
    So rainy days for us are welcomed too.........


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