Wednesday, February 23, 2011

NEAT IDEAS: Used Film Canisters

Here is a neat idea that I got from a buddy of mine. He is a camera nut. He will take like 200 photos, get them developed, and maybe keep 10 pictures out of the 200. The rest he files away in a box.

Anyway. Take your used little film canisters, clean them with soap and water, then take them and poke some holes in the lids. You now have salt and pepper shakers to toss in with your lunch or for when you go backpacking, camping, or what ever outdoor thing you do.

Also, you can take one of them without the holes and load it up with wooden matches. I know I have posted about the matches before, but in never hurts to give out the info again. You could load one up with some of your homemade fire starter. Or roll up some fishing line and throw in some hooks. Or make up a little sewing kit to put in your film can and toss it in with your luggage for road trips.

If you have extra meds to take with you on a trip, instead of carrying some of those big pill bottles, put some white tape on your little can, take a sharpie, and mark it with the type of medicine in your canister.

Think about what else they might come in handy for. Like maybe to carry a few extra earrings or something. (I hate when I lose mine!)

So don't toss them all out. See if you can come up with some new ideas for them.

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