Thursday, March 17, 2011


OH YEAH! It is time to get out the fishin' sticks and get them ready. Check the line, clean the reel, and drag out the tackle box. Do you have enough hooks for the season? How do your lures look? Do they need a little shine put on them? How are your hip waders? Do they need any patching?

You got a boat? Time to check the motor. Check all your ropes. Don't forget about the drain plugs! Check your vests. Do they still fit? Oh -- the bait box! Did you forget to clean it out last season? If you didn't they will smell you from across the lake. 'Course that could be a good thing. You might chase off all the other fisherman, and then have the whole lake to yourself.

Bait. . . you have got to have some type of bait. Worms, crickets, power bait in all the good flavors that you just know the fish are going to like. Grasshoppers. Now, my wife would love for me to take ALL the grasshoppers from our yard and use them for bait. I told her if I do that, she better start to like to eat a LOT of fish.

Then you've got everything ready. You get up at the crack of dawn. You pack a lunch. You pick up your buddy. And away you go. You get to the lake, launch the boat, find a good spot, and start to fish. Then about mid morning, after you have caught a few fish, the game warden shows up, out on the lake, and asks for your fishing license. You go through all your pockets, you look through your tackle box. The warden gives you that funny little look and asks you to follow him to shore.

Once to shore, you check again, all your pockets, and tackle box, then check your truck. You even check out your cooler. Now, what in the world did you do with your license?! Did you leave it on the kitchen counter? Or, maybe, just by chance, you forgot to buy one to begin with.

Been there, done that. I'd better stop by the sporting goods store today.

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