Thursday, March 17, 2011


Taters, corned beef, cabbage, and green beer. That's how to do Saint Paddy's day. Well, maybe. How about making a donation to your favorite charity today or tomorrow? Or if you are out and about for a meal, maybe pay for a veteran's meal. Or take a meal to someone who can't get out all that often. Or maybe stop by a nursing home with some flowers.

St. Patrick's day does not have to be about wearing of the green, though some of us do look real good in green. If you're out and about town or shopping put a BIG grin on your face today. People will smile back and some will wonder what you are up to. If they ask, smile even bigger and give them a hug, then skip away. You just might make someone's day who is feeling down or having a bad day. I did this several years ago and I got 3 proposals from ladies who were old enough to be my mom. 'Course, Kathi set them straight right away. My right ear lobe is still kind of stretched out from her pulling me down the aisle.

So, enjoy the day and be careful. That corned beef and cabbage can kind of sneak up on ya. So can all that green beer.

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