Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have been thinking I will make a change on my blog. I'm going to start putting up some items that might be of interest to some of you to purchase. Nothing super expensive or anything.

Stuff like home made soap or hand drawn cards, or maybe little recipe books. Maybe some homemade jelly or some homemade jerky. Maybe even some little gifts.

I have also made it easier to leave a comment. I have heard from some little birdies that it has been difficult to leave a comment. So try, then let me know.

Also, I will be putting up a video every now and then. Some on smoking, grilling, and dutch oven cooking. Maybe even on some of my mistakes and bloopers of making stuff. Also will do some on neat camping and home stuff. Like building a fire in your fireplace.

There will be more stories about me, friends, and family, and more quotes and "did you know" posts.

I am also thinking of adding, thanks to a friend's suggestion, a restaurant review of some of the places here in Denver so those of you who live here, or come here, can feed your face and know where to find a good meal.

So, stick around, maybe let some of your friends know about this blog and we will have some fun. I hope that I can bring a little sunshine into your life, maybe a smile to your face, and maybe some warm fuzzys to your heart with fond memories of your past.

And remember. Strangers can be friends that you have not met yet. Smile!


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