Wednesday, May 4, 2011


You know, I need to start carrying a camera. I have missed some really neat pictures over the years, but I never think of taking a camera along.

I used to have a little Kodak 110. Remember those? It took great pictures and I used it a lot of years, until I dropped it one day while fishing from a boat on Dillon reservoir. It now rests on the bottom of the lake in about 100 feet of water.

I also once had one of those disc cameras that came out years ago. It took pretty good pictures, but they fade over time. It also had a watery grave, in a beaver pond up on the Gore range.

As far as using a cell phone camera? Well, it just does not do the job. And some of the newer cameras are just too big to lug around my neck, along with all the other stuff that I carry with me when I go fishing or camping or metal detecting. And I can't afford to have a film crew with me.

Plus, it is really hard to take pictures while you have a fish on line. Or get that great picture of elk when you are on the side of a 60 degree angle hill in the snow. Do you know how hard it is to take a picture a gator while it is coming at you? And your wife wants to pet one of them? I DO have some pictures from that trip, but that time I was not all geared up like when I'm out fishing or camping. Road trips are easy to have a camera around.

So are family get togethers. Just about everyone has a camera except me. I seem to forget to bring one just about every time. Good thing Kathi is around. She takes some fantastic pictures. Only problem is I can't take her with me all the time and it is kind of hard to get her in a duffel bag with all my other stuff.

Also, she does not like grasshoppers. I have the beatten down grass in my yard as proof. See? There was a picture right there! Did I have a camera.? Nope.

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