Friday, July 29, 2011


How is your morning? Do you get up all grumpy? Do you stay that way until that first cup of coffee? Or, maybe you get up bright eyed and bushy tailed. (How long since you heard that one?) Or maybe you're one of THEM. You know, those people who jump out of bed and then go out to run several miles before breakfast.

Well, not me; I do enough running in my dreams. I sure do not need to do it in real life, unless I'm being chased by a bear or a ticked off milk cow. (Don't ask.) The only thing I can see good about running is that it makes me more hungry. (Anyone up for BBQ for breakfast? YUM!)

Nope. I kind of like my mornings to start off nice and slow.

Take your time, relax some from sleeping all night. Have that extra cup of coffee. Lounge in your jammies or nightie or whatever it is you wear -- or don't wear. But, please put something on before you cook anything for breakfast. We don't want anything getting burnt that you might really need later on.

But, what's up with these health nut people who have to hit the floor running! Where's the fire? Can't you do your running at work? Like, run the stairs. Do a sprint between the desks, leap the file cabinets. Do push ups before and after a presentation. Make your boss count them off.

Watching people that early in the morning, jogging along before work, makes ME tired just watching them. I know, we all need to be more active. And our waistlines are getting larger. But damn, it took me a lot of years to get my Isle of Belly! I'm now thinking of letting some company advertise on it just to make a few extra bucks.

Or, maybe there is a market for belly fat that they can use in lipstick. Like, Isle Of Belly Red. Or Isle Of Belly Luscious Pink. You could have Isle Of Belly lips all day long. Your husband will have to fight off other guys. Your lips will be kissable soft all day.

Course, with every day use, you might end up with love handle cheeks on your face. OK, maybe, I should try to work out a bit more. BUT! Not before I have had a good breakfast. And my morning quart of coffee. Some mornings its harder to wake up than other mornings. Now let's see. . . coffee, bacon, eggs, pancakes, another cup of coffee. Oh yeah! Some orange juice for your health, and some homemade syrup or molasses for the pancakes.

And we are not even going to talk about what's for lunch. So, we need to get off our duffs. Work them duffs! Let's see if we can be more like THEM. (I sometimes think that they are aliens from another planet. Look at them the next time you see one running so early in the morning.)

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