Wednesday, November 2, 2011


This is just great. It's snowing, and now I will have to shovel snow. I would use my snow blower, but it blew a tire. It was horrible. There I was, blowing snow on our long driveway, everything just going fine, when all of a sudden there was a bang! and the snow blower lurched to the left. I just missed hitting the house. Then it spun around and almost took out some of our fence. We just missed hitting a squirrel that was setting on the fence. He dove for cover.

The snow blower than lurched to the right and spun around. We were going back up the driveway. We just missed our trailer and the cat that was on it, that was watching the squirrel on the fence. While all of this was going on, I was trying to kick the blower out of gear. But no such luck. We ran into a pine tree, just missing the snowman on the side of the driveway.

You would think that Sears would put air bags on their snow blowers.

I also found out that snow blowers do not make good mulchers. Again, you would think that Sears would come up with a combo machine that does both. But it does a great job with lawn hoses! Cuts them up 'til they look like links of sausage. So then I have to keep the dog away from what's left of the hose.

The driveway is not finished. I have a half mulched pine tree. And I think that I hurt myself when I went over the handle bars of the snow blower. The wife gave me hell when she saw me laying in the backyard, and made some comment about my playing around and making snow angels or something.

Yep, I really like my snow blower. It makes things so much easier.


  1. ..winter just got that much worse! is a good thing you don't plow your driveway with a might still be trying to get it stopped! hehe

  2. Just think what you could if it had a turbo added.

  3. VAROOM, VAROOM !!!!


  4. Stephen, don't encourage him! I'm surprised he hasn't thought of it already. . .

  5. oh boy - i am sending jambaloney over right now to feel your pain!

    your friend,

  6. HAHAHAHHAHA !! i mean, i'm sorry, i feel your pain...

    when we lived in ottawa, we had a TON of snow all winter and a 30 foot driveway and a back deck. i took out a few plant pots by accident, they looked pretty cool coming out the blower, like confetti!

    i had invested in a good little ariens 7.5 HP, one winter it got a workout of a lifetime when we had the second-highest snowfall on record. by the time it was over, the bank next to our driveway was 13 feet high! i loved it but it was too small for the job.

    the following winter was average, but kymber was pressing me to think about getting a bigger blower, some days it took me 4-5 hours after the city plow buried us in.

    the second-last real snowfall was about 12 cm (5 inches). it was dark when i got home from work and the snow had stopped, and i tromped up the driveway ready to plow before i went in the house. sometimes i just liked to get it done before it got hard and crusty (REALLY cold in ottawa at night in the winter).

    as i got halfway up the driveway, i grabbed the new phonebook that had been dropped off earlier from under the snow, nice job lazybones!!

    after finishing 98% of the driveway i heard the worst sound ever and the snowblower screeched like mad and made a funny smell...

    turns out i only grabbed the white pages... i found out afterwards that newsprint is the worst thing to go through a snowblower. it completely destroyed the impeller.

    so i got a trade in on the motor for pennies, a new 10 hp snowblower that mad the job too easy. used it twice, then we moved here!

  7. As a Southerner I have no way to relate, but promise that I actually chortled as I read this. The only way this could have been funnier is if you had been riding behind it in some sort of silky or wagon arrangement. I can see the carnage now...poor squirrel.

  8. Hillbilly, I have thought about it. I have a ATV, and am thinking of getting a plow blade for it. As for the squirrel, I'm thinking squirrel fritters.

    Jambaloney, we could start a new wave. Snow blower Derby's.Who can move the most snow, and shred what ever is in your path.

  9. Power tool races are pretty cool. You can find a lot of them on YouTube.

  10. HAHAHA!!

    okay, sorry, laughing again, but the ground here @ fm is so uneven and rocky that last winter i had to get......

    and ATV with a snowplow!!!!!

    you kill me!! i love the idea of the derby, it might be fun to leave the blowers running still and toss various objects into them to see what comes out!

    the atv with plow works pretty good, everyone around here uses them.

  11. jambaloney, If we did this derby the right way. We could be right up there with punkin chunking, and maybe even give monster trucking a run for the money. Can you just see some of the monster snow blowers that people would make. LOL!

  12. This is why we now have an ATV with a snow plow....been there done that with Rambob! ;)


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