Tuesday, February 7, 2012


You know, sometimes life can be a real bugger. When we were younger, we had all kinds of energy. But not a lot of brains. As we got older, we got some wisdom along the way. 'Course some of us didn't follow that wisdom. We were "busy" going out, working so we could have a few dollars to go out, or just kind of bumming around.

Then there are the ones who were "over achievers." Those people busted butt, went on from high school to get degrees and such. Sure, some of them made some money. But, I don't know of a single one today who is doing what they got the degree for. Life interrupted along the way or they decided to do something different. Things change. And so do people.

Like me. I've changed. I always thought that I would always be fit and trim. Well, I'm hard to fit now. And the only thing I trim now is the grass in the yard. I always wanted to be in shape. I am now round. Round is a shape!

This is some of the wisdom I have gleened over the years. One of my friends now has a job at an ice cream shop. His degree was in engineering. Another works driving a truck. His degree was in mining engineering.

My friend who works at the ice cream shop was on the hefty side when we were in school. He is now skinny as a broomstick, married, and has three grown kids and a grandchild. His wife is a fantastic cook. I try to avoid eating at his house. All I have to do is talk to him on the phone and I gain like 3 pounds each time.

The other guy? Well, he has been married three times. Has two kids from his first marriage and one grandchild. His present wife is also a great cook. Thank goodness they live out of state. I'd look like the Goodyear Blimp!

My wife Kathi is also a great cook. And it shows. I'm needing to get bigger expando pants. 'Course, I'm lucky. I get to work from home. On some days, I don't even get dressed. I can work in the lounge mode. You know, sweats, and maybe a hat. And when you work from home, well, you sometimes go over board and forget to cut back on what you eat. Like cupcakes or brownies. And now them damn Girl Scout cookies!

So, the wisdom I have found as I get older is to eat in moderation. Chase you significant other, as best you can, around the house every now and then. Spoil your grandkids. Give them some sugar every now and then, then send them home to their parents. Love yourself and others. Say I love you more often to family and your friends. Quit worrying about things that you can't change. Remember that you can't fix stupid, so don't even try.

Watch a sunset, watch a sunrise. Catch a snowflake on your tongue. And, as I was told by a friend, maybe go out and fly a kite. Or listen to the sound of a train in the distance. or of kids playing. Smell the coffee in the morning. Smell the fire in your fireplace. Close your eyes every now and then and just listen. What can you hear?

Now if I had the energy I did all those years ago and the wisdom that I now have, and could just slow life down a bit: just think of the new things that we could accomplish in the years that we have left to us.

Oh yeah, those two friends of mine? They both are thankful that they didn't stay with the jobs they were supposed to be doing. They both have said that they are so much happier now than they were. Me? I've never been happier. I've traveled around. Camped, hunted, fished, and seen things that a lot of people will never get to see. And, I finally married a woman who does not mind that I get a bit wacky at times. I have family and friends, some close, some not so close, a bunch on the computer, and a bunch in person. As they say, a stranger is a friend that you just haven't met yet.

So gettin' older really isn't that bad. I just wish every now and then I could just go back in time, with what I know now. . .


  1. Happy birthday, sweet husband! xxxooo

    1. SSSSHHH! No one was to know about me gettin older.

  2. That's some real fine advise my friend and I guess a Happy Birthday is due.

    1. MDR, Thanks for the Birthday wish. And as for that advice, well. I'm great at dishing it out. But, there are times, that I don't do what I advise. (Gets a little confusing some times.)

  3. Happy birthday. Very good post and good advice.

    1. John, thanks for the Birthday wish. And as for the advise, see what I wrote to MDR above.

  4. Replies
    1. Hillbilly, Thanks, now if we could just slow down the time clock. And make the year last longer.

  5. jeesh Flier...i don't know how you do it all the time, but you nail thoughts that we all have had and then tell such a great story at the same time. i promise that if you and Kathi ever come to visit us that i will not feed you well nor refill your drink as often as you yell from the hammock.

    and i will completely cut you off of the Dinty Moore stew with beans...deal buddy?

    say hi to Kathi for me. i just love you two!

    your friend,

    1. kymber, don't you know? I have E.S.P.. And if we ever make it up your way, I will bring my own supply of stew and beans. It makes a great gift to give to friends. And you can make your own bubbles in the hot tub. And as for the hammock, I get sea sick.(not really.)
      Kathi says hi! And we love ya both.


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