Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Time to check your fishing gear. Fishing pole with new line. Maybe some new fishing lures. Dig out your tackle box and dust it off. Check inside of tackle box. Might be time to get rid of some of them jars of fish eggs or power bait. They don't work well when there is mold on your salmon eggs. Plus the smell will drop you like a ton of bricks.

Hooks! Got to have lots of hooks. All of mine end up in snags or tree branches. Bobbers, just about every size you can get. (A lot of them end up with my hooks.) Waders -- patch them holes from last year. (Mine have patches on the patches.) Fishing vest? Maybe wash it to get stinky fish smell out from last year. (Didn't wash my last vest. Hung it on a branch and a bear took off with it.) Sinkers, make sure you have enough. (With all the sinkers I have, it must have added about 10 or so pounds to my tackle box. And at least five to my vest.)

Extra fishing line. You never know when you will mess up your reel. And have about 20 feet or so of knotted and twisted line. Or tangle it in the prop of your boat.

Speaking of your boat. . .don't forget to place the drain plug back in. (I had to whittle a plug once.) And make sure that you have the motor well secured before starting it. (The water is cold and deep, and it is a pain trying to get back in the boat after diving for said motor.) And don't forget the oars. (Try paddling to shore with just your hands!) Dry clothes! ALWAYS bring extra clothes. Nothing worse than fishing in wet clothes.

By the time you're done fishing in your wet clothes and get home uou may be dry, but you will have the worse case of wrinkle-butt you have ever seen. Not to mention the dye from your shorts has stained your skin. (Explain that to your friends at the gym.)

Maybe the most important thing to remember to take fishing with you is money or a credit card.

If the fishing sucks, run to the store on your way home and buy a few nice fish. Then drop them in the dirt before placing them in your cooler. No one will ever know. Unless they see you at the store. (Or the guy behind the meat counter sees your wife the next day and asks how the fish was.)

Yep, I love fishing.


  1. Yep that time of year. Not sure about here in Fla., but back in Mn it will be same weekend as Mothers Day. Folks are on the lake waiting for midnight to drop their line.

    1. Rob, It is almost like a addiction for me. Love to fish. Love to eat em, the wife, I think, would rather have pizza.

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love fishing too and it's been so long since I've fished it isn't funny. Sad, but true. Thank the Lord we don't have 'seasons' here in Florida..just go when you feel like it.

    1. Stephen, hhhmmm, I might need to think about a move. Course, then I would have to get a bigger boat. That could be a good thing.

      Thanks for stopping by my friend.

  3. TOO FUNNY!!!

    i did the whole deal two weeks ago - kymber looking at me weirdly as i put a bunch of lures in wd40 to get the rust off... i threw out old Berkley bait, oiled the reels, put on new line... the whole deal!!

    don't forget the bug dope - LOTS of it!

    cheers - gave me quite a chuckle!!

    1. jambaloney, I use to dive some of the mountain lakes here in Colorado. And would bring up tons of lures. Clean them up, and sell them at the flea-market. Made a few bucks.

      Have you heard about spraying your bait or lures, with WD40? It's suppose to drive the fish batty. And they strike like crazy. Also, we don't have a lot of problems with skitters and fly's. Though we do get them darn ticks now and then. Plus Lyme disease.

      So, fish on my friend. And pop a few of them fish in a smoker. Nothing better. Yum.

  4. bahahahah! i thought i was going to get in here with a comment before jambaloney - looks like he beat me to it! oh Flier - i especially love your advice on what to do if you don't catch any fish - bahahahah!

    your friend,

    1. kymber,my friend. I learned that trick from a old cowboy. Then, you can make up a whopper of a story. Like, you had to fight that fish for twenty minutes, before you could land him. And he pulled you boat around the lake twice. Yep, old Joe would be proud of a whopper being told. Plus, I think old Joe may of paid off the grocer, to not tell on him, after buying the biggest fish in the store.


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