Tuesday, May 22, 2012

SELF RELIANCE EXPO: Colorado Springs

OK, we joined the ranks, kind of. We took some time and made a little trip to our neighbor south of us -- Colorado Springs. Nice drive, if you miss rush hour traffic. We went to the Self-Reliance Expo on Friday and spent the night in a hotel.

This is the first self-reliance expo that I or Kathi have been to. I'm not really sure what we expected. I thought that it would be bigger. 'Course, I guess I was kinda expecting it to be more like a gun show. The people were great and answered all our questions. We tried some of that "prepper" food. Some of it is quite good! (Thankfully, they didn't have any freeze-dried brussell sprouts.) We looked and listened then ate some more.

There was only one gentleman there selling firearms. Half of his table was filled with rifles, and the other half was filled with pistols and revolvers. The NATGEO Doomsday Preppers tv people were there recruiting for season 2. But we never saw anyone at their booth. (Ha!)  We didn't really have time to listen to any of the speakers. I found out after I got back home that a friend in our little blog world was there and did a talk on the main stage.

If I'd have known, I would of stopped by her booth and said howdy. She was with the people from Backwoods Home Magazine. She blogs at Rural Revolution. Patrice has lots of good things on her blog. So, if you get a chance, go visit her. When they have the next expo, I will be looking her up.

We didn't take a camera, but should have. There is just WAY too much to try and tell about this expo. I'd put it right up there with a Tanner Gun Show. They have some things that some of us just can't do without. And other things, if you have the bucks, and a place to bury it. That might be just what the doctor ordered. Like, this huge, I mean, like 14-foott tall or more food storage container.

If you bought one, you would have to have them bury it in your backyard in the dead of night or have some property somewhere that people can't see what you're doing to bury this hummer. I like the idea, but for the average Joe like me -- I'd be better off burying stuff in a 50-gallon drum.

There was the storage of extra food, freeze dried or dehydrated and canned goods from your local store,  to supplement what you are eating now. It is not a bad idea. Buy it or join up to have it delivered right to your door! It will save you some of your hard earned paycheck and give you some peace of mind. I found even the meat that was freeze dried was pretty good.

Just think of some of the recipes you can come up with! Also, maybe it might be something to talk to your church about. Do they have any extra food on hand in case of a natural disaster in your neighborhood?

Just a thought.


  1. I have been waiting for one to come to my area so I can attend.
    Sounds like fun.

    1. MDR, It was fun. and very informative.


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