Monday, May 28, 2012


I'm sure that a lot of us spent the weekend with family and friends. We had two graduations to attend and, of course, ate way too much.

A friend I have known since 4th grade had surgery to remove a brain tumor he didn't even know he had. The surgery went well and he is now at home resting and doing well. He served in the Air Force after high school. A Vietnam-era veteran. Me? I've never served, but really wish that I had.

I've been lucky. I've got more than one best friend. I've had five. Two have passed on: one from cancer, and the other from congestive heart failure. One of them served in the Air Force. I've had other friends and family serve also, and those who have passed are all missed, on a daily basis, by their family and friends.

Those who have gone before us, who served, paved the way for the rest of us. They are the heroes. They gave all for us to be able to enjoy the things that we have and the freedom to be a great nation. And though, things and times may look bleak, WE will survive as a nation as long as we remember those who gave all.

So, say a prayer. Say a whole lot of prayers for those who didn't give up on us. They fought for us. They fought for each other.

God bless our service personal, living and dead, and our nation.


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