Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Well, you don't need to buy a pack of smokes here in Colorado. We've got smoke. . . lots of smoke. AND lots of fires. The smoke is bad enough that it even bothers me. I have not had a cigarette in over 10 years. We have fires north of us in Boulder, and south of us in Colorado Springs.

Boulder is about 1/2 a hour from our house. Colorado Springs is about a hour away. There are other fires burning in our state. We have had at least five days of over 100 degrees in most areas. We may get some rain sometime this afternoon. There is a flood watch for parts of Colorado Springs. If they get some rain to help with the fire that's a good thing, but then they have to worry about all of the ash and debris from the fire washing down. That's a bad thing. As if the fire is not enough.

It's hazy everywhere you go. At times, it is hard to breathe. What about all of the people who have to evacuate? Right now, there are close to 40,000 in Colorado Springs alone. That's not counting pets and animals. It is hard to watch on the TV. People, including Kathi and me, have watched with tears in their eyes -- not because of the smoke, but because of the loss of a home, the loss of a way of life, that has been worked so hard for. For the loss of a dream. For the loss of a community. For the loss of the beauty that  once was covered by trees.

The community will return and rebuild. Colorado Springs will have the scar of this fire for years to come. The trees will one day grow again. Thanks for the people who have given their time and energy to work towards keeping people safe and putting out this fire, as well as the other fires that burn around our country.

We seem to come together more when we have a need or a cause. Isn't it sad that we don't come together just to be together? We have people here who want to help by feeding the firefighters or by opening their ranches for animals and to supply feed for those animals. Or, some who open their churches for people to have a place to rest or sleep and be fed, and daycare for the little ones.

Yep, the fires are burning here in Colorado. And there is a burning in the people as we come together to help or lend a hand. A burning, to not give up.

It must be the smoke in my eyes. . . things are a bit blurry at the moment.


  1. Smoke must be getting all the way to Missouri, my eyes are a bit blurry too. Be careful you two.-Karla

  2. Anonymous, thank you. And we will. Now, we have to contend with Nobama coming to look at the fires. Wonder if he is bringing the whole family with?

  3. Stay safe. I saw that the Idiot was coming to Colo. he will try to spin the fires to his advantage.

  4. Rob, For sure. It's all about him. What a a**. Wish there was some way to keep him out of here. And thanks. Smoke isn't to bad today.

  5. Look at the bright side-hang some meat in the trees and smoke it for free. MMMMMMM boston butt...

  6. Hillbilly, good idea. just have to figure out how to keep the squirrels from peeing on it, while it smokes.

  7. Fires are terrible. Texas was having a time with them last year and I always worry about my mom who lives out in a remote area. Prayers for all those involved, furry friends included.

  8. A Kitchen Witch, Thank you so much.


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