Tuesday, June 26, 2012


WOW! After taking my son to the doctor on Monday we were stopped at a traffic light and we saw a gentleman walking his dog. My son saw it first. He said, "Dad, that guy has a gun!"

My first thought was, "What!? Where?!" The guy had what looked to be a full sized 1911, cocked and locked, on his hip. It threw me for a second. Because of the way Bryan had said it, I thought the guy had a gun in his hand ready to shoot.

Not the case.

Bryan wanted to know if the police needed to be called. I told him, "No, the guy is just walking his dog and he isn't doing anything wrong." Nobody else at the light seemed to notice. hat was the end of that. I'm sure I'll hear more when he tells his mom.

That is the third person I have seen in several weeks with open carry, two men and one woman. I think some people just haven't noticed it yet. It does not bother me or Kathi, of course. More people should open carry -- or carry concealed if it bothers you to open carry. It seems that people around these folks just are not that observant of the fact or it does not faze them at all. No police have been called.

Maybe, just maybe, people are more ready for more people to carry, open or concealed. It's a neat thought. I'm sure I will see more open carry here in my neighborhood. It gives me a warm fuzzy feeling.


  1. Pretty nice option if you live in a state that allows open carry.

    1. Duke, I guess there is only open carry in certain county's here. Your not allowed to in Denver county. Can only hope that it changes.

  2. Flier 389, Great option! This may deter a few criminals, we can only hope. Our state approved open carry. The law will go into affect November 1st this year.


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