Monday, September 24, 2012

Jim. . .A History in Hair (a Kathi post)

There are just a few days left in Jim's fundraising efforts for his friend Bob to help with his medical expenses.

His campaign got off to a great start, then it kinda stalled out. He has not seen a donation in the past week. He's thinking maybe no one wants to see him in a thong. Well, except me, of course.

He's been researching where to get his head shaved and hair removal, and we may just do it at home.

His mom once accidentally shaved his dad's hair off. His dad just laughed about it, but his mom felt bad and cried for a couple days. She has one of those home hair cutting devices, and she forgot to set it so that it would leave a certain length and she started to cut it off the back. Well, one swipe and there was a big ol' racing stripe up the back of his head. Well, of course it couldn't be left like that, so he told her to just keep going. He looked like a boiled egg. It was not a flattering look.

I suspect Jim is wondering if he will look like a boiled egg, too. He told me that he has psyched himself up and is ready for it. I'm not sure if I am or not.

When I first met Jim, he had long hair. He kinda looked like South Park Jesus. He's about 21 in this picture (above).

He had different hair over the years, but I don't really have many pictures. Here's another one of him when he was about 25 (above).

Here he is in a picture on our wedding day. Spikier and shorter. We've been married 10 years, so this was July of 2002. (Above)

This picture is of him taken just a couple years ago. He was growing his hair. (Above)

Then, in this one with one of his junior high/high school friends, with spikier hair from a couple summers ago. I think this is my favorite of his hair. It just kinda suits his personality -- a little bratty. Can't you tell?  (Above)

Now that he is growing it out for a big shave, it's longer than he is used to. He told me it is starting to drive him crazy. This picture was taken just last week. (Above)

I don't have any pictures of him in a thong yet. But here is one in which he is wearing a tiara. Not bad hair, right? (Above, 2005)


  1. Well, at least you didn't use the stupid cupid picture. LOL!

  2. Well, I WOULD have if it had been a better shot of your hair. However, I am sure I will use it at some point, so brace yourself, Effie!

  3. My five-year-old will be happy to decorate your bald pate with smooshed play-doh, Flier. She did it for my dad!

    1. Only if she will do it with the blue play-doh. Sounds like I have a picture to do. After all is said and done.

  4. I think the tiara brings out the sparkle in his eyes...

    1. Hey! Only REAL men can pull off wearing a tiara. And, I hadn't even been drinking. LOL!

  5. A princess can be grumpy, if it wants to. LOL!

    Thanks for stopping by KN.


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