Wednesday, September 19, 2012


Well, with Fall just around the corner, Halloween will be upon us. That got me to thinking about a Halloween when I was 17 or 18. All those many years ago my friend Bob had gotten me to go to this folk dancing group. I went just because there were girls there. I found that I enjoyed the dancing. AND, of course, the girls.

As Halloween approached, the guy running the dances (his name was Ted) announced that we would be having a Halloween party. As we left the dance, Bob and talked about the party and what we would dress up as. I decided that I would dress as a cowboy, with spurs and a six gun. Bob didn't know what to dress as. We talked about it more during the week. As the time for the party drew near, I had a great thought.

Bob could go as a wolf man! I had played around with face paints and makeup and such for a while, and was pretty good at making people up. It took several days for Bob to decide to do it. I had him come over early the night of the party. I told him to wear a black turtleneck sweater and blue jeans. Because I was living with my grandparents, my grandmother would help me transform Bob from himself into THE WOLF MAN!

Bob showed up. We had everything we needed. Lamb's wool to glue to his face, that I had dyed a dark brown. A lighter color of brown makeup to put on his face. Spirit gum to hold the wool to his face. I had thought about using perma bond, but my grandmother wouldn't let me. I thought it would be funny, with Bob not being able to get it all off of his face after the party. Oh well.

Bob sat in a chair in the kitchen and I started. I put makeup all over his face, but left some areas free of the makeup so I could adhere the lamb's wool to his face. As the lamb's wool was applied, it was combed back into his hair so that it blended in. It was held in place by bobby-pins. I wish I had a picture to show! And, for the finishing touch, I had bought some of those fake, glow in the dark fangs. It all turned out great. Even Bob was impressed.

So Bob went as the Wolf Man, and I went as a cowboy. We headed off to the party. As we drove, people were looking at Bob and giving a thumbs up. Bob was enjoying himself. At one light he got phone numbers from two cute girls that were dressed up as a Indian princess and a French maid. Lucky dog. (No pun intended.) As we were pulling up to the dance, we saw that everyone was dressed up. It was going to be a fun night. I noticed that Ted had dressed up as a cowboy also.

So, as I parked the car, I came up with a plan. I told Bob that I would go in and leave the door of the building open, then I would then challenge Ted  to a gun fight. Bob was to stand ready at the door. After Ted and I had our gun fight, I would say in a loud voice something about since we couldn't seem to settle our dispute with guns, I would just have to sic my dog on him. Then Bob would come in.

I went in and challenged Ted to a gun fight. He agreed. I counted to three. We both drew, and BANG! BANG! BANG! We both missed. Ted started to laugh. Well, I hollered at Ted, "YOU THINK THIS IS A LAUGHING MATTER?!! BY GOD, I'LL SIC MY DOG ON YOU"! Then I whistled as loud as I could and hollered, "GIT 'EM, DOG!"

Bob ran into the room, hunched over, making all kinds of noise like a wild dog. He ran up to Ted, grabbed Ted by one of his legs, and proceeded to dry hump Ted's leg. Bob made this contorted face, had his tongue hanging out, and made some grunting noises. Everyone about died laughing. I never laughed so hard in my life! Bob was the hit of the party. It was one of the better parties we had ever been to.

I haven't dressed up for a Halloween party in I don't know how long. Neither has Bob. I tried to do some folk dancing last summer. I'm surprised that I can remember some of the dances. The mind is willing, but the body is like... "what in the heck do you think you'rer doing?! You can't do this any more." But, some of the girls that we danced with all them years ago? They still got it and can dance just fine. Bob and I will just have to set on the side lines and watch.

Unless Bob has been out shaking it and can still do some of those folk dances. I wonder what he and his wife are doing this Halloween? I still have some of the makeup, and lamb's wool!


  1. My husband and I retired from the fire department and planned on a retirement filled with whatever we WANTED to do. The fact is, by the time you're old enough to plan what you WANT to do, your body has the job of surprising your brain with the news you CAN'T do what you want to.

    I'm so glad you have a fun history to remember, and I hope you're still enjoying your fried bologna and egg sandwiches. lol

    (I'm here from Kymber's blog)

  2. lotta joy, Thanks for stopping by. Some things you just can't ever give up. (bologna.) And others you don't mind giving up. (Smoking, and such.) But as long as we have our memories. We can go back, and do anything.

    Course, some things I push my self to still do. Even if it hurts some. I just won't give it up.


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