Thursday, October 4, 2012

Emergency Preparedness and Food Storage - (A Kathi Post)

Jim and I have always had a pretty full pantry, compared to most people we know. If we are stuck at home because of a blizzard or something, we are not going to starve. In fact, we could eat well. And for quite awhile!

Jim's dad and mom always had a big garden and put food up when they had 120 acres in Arkansas. His mom even canned meat, which I had not seen before. I remember once his mom sent me a picture of their garden and their pantry, and it was a sight to behold -- so many jars and so many colorful things! Lots of good stuff to eat. If I had to guess, I would think they could have lived at least a year on their stores.

My Grandma Lovey had a couple of larger gardens at her house. She grew strawberries in one, and cucumbers for picking in the other. Then she had smaller sections for other things, as well as a nice rhubarb plant. I remember her making jars and jars of garlic dill pickles, as well as jams and jellies from the strawberries (if she could keep ahead of what we would eat right from the garden!), as well as concord grapes from the neighbor's yard, and anything else she would find and buy. She kept her stores in the basement, where it was cool and dry. She had a lot there.

I guess you could say that we both have family histories of stocking up with food and supplies.

However, I have seen the pantries/cupboards of some of my friends, and what they have won't even get them through three days. They eat out, eat with relatives, or pick up what they need to make their dinner for that day. But they do not have food to rely on for everyday, let alone in case of emergency. They are the ones who have to run to the grocery store for milk before the blizzard starts, and they are the ones who help deplete the store shelves because they need to buy cans of soup to get through a few days in case they can't get out.

I feel scared for them. Truly scared.

When Jim and I went to the Self-Reliance Expo in Colorado Springs in May, we found a lot of food and food storage options. But the one that really "spoke" to me was Thrive/Shelf Reliance.

Not only does Shelf Reliance have extremely tasty food, they have excellent food storage and rotation systems, much of what they have is GMO-free, there are gluten-free options (they have a gluten-free certified food processing room), the sealed cans have an average shelf-life of 25 years (until opened), and 5% of all profit goes to charitable giving to feed those who need it. They also have emergency supplies available. And lots of vegetarian options!

One awesome feature is that you don't have to lay out a bunch of money to start building your home pantry. They offer "The Q" which is a way to build your home pantry at your pace, on your budget -- delivered right to your home!

I invite you to visit my Web site to learn more if this is something that interests you.  You can shop right there, too, if you'd like. Shelf Reliance is also now available in Canada in addition to the United States.

You will always get the lowest price possible when you shop through me or my Web site. Click on the Shelf Reliance logo below to go to my site. The links in the text above will take you directly to the pages I referenced.

Thanks for your support of me in my new venture!

Kathi's Shelf Reliance Web site


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