Thursday, June 6, 2013

OOP'S (Maybe)

As Mom used to say, "Oh, feathers!!!" She said that when she had made a mistake or something was not quite right. So, "Oh, feathers!" (instead of my usual choice words). My knee does not seem to be getting better as I think it should.

The doctor said to wait for about another two months, when I last saw him, which was about two weeks ago. At that time, my knee seemed to be somewhat better. I was walking a bit more, and riding a stationary bicycle for about 10 minutes at a time three times a week.

Well, I was limping along, coming up our driveway from getting our mail, when all of a sudden it felt like my knee was about to dislocate itself. Thankfully, Kathi's car was there for me to catch myself with. The doctor said it was all right to walk without the knee brace as long as I didn't try to walk my miles around the lake or get overly aggressive with my walking.

I mean, it's not like I was skipping up the driveway or doing hopscotch. And, I wasn't swaggering. My swagger died years ago. Since jacking up my knee the last of March, I kinda do the Tim Conway shuffle, like he did as the old guy on the Carol Burnett show of years gone by. I sat on my butt for over a month on our couch. (For you younger people, it would be called a sofa.)

I sat for so many days, that I wove a butt grove in the couch cushion to the point that we had to get a new couch. Kathi likes the new one, 'cause her feet can touch the floor when she's sitting on it. Me? My knees are up around my chest and it makes it hard to see our TV. And --  it's harder to get my now fatter butt up off of it.

So, anyway, I'm thinking that when I get back to the doctor, I'll probably be getting an MRI of my knee. I personally think that I will have to have surgery or something. I'm not too happy about it, but whatcha gonna do? I may have to also figure a way to get around to do some fishing. Or, maybe I could just set on my fat butt and work on my tan.

Now, if I could just teach Nugget how to pick up his own poo. And how to mow the yard. Then it might not be so bad.


  1. My friend, you might like me think about a yard service. A month to month agreement. Sometimes us old dudes must swallow our pride and ask for help. Think about it.

    1. Stephen, You might be right. It is something I will look into. Thanks for stopping by my friend.


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