Friday, June 7, 2013


Did you ever have a poky stick? Everyone needs a poky stick.

Poky sticks are real handy to have. You can have them in different lengths. I got my first poky stick, I guess, when I was about six years old. I remember getting it out of a wood pile. It was a couple feet long, and could also be a sword, or a spear, when needed.

It seemed that every kid, boy and girl, had one. But, I never saw any of the city kids with a poky stick. I guess they thought that they just didn't need one. We used them for all kinds of things, like poking them in rat holes or into drain pipes for snapping turtles. And they came in pretty handy, when you found a dead cat or dog along side of the road that had been killed by a car. They were poked. Even some critters that had been hit by the train were good for a poky stick.

We would carry our poky sticks every place we went. You just never knew when you would need it. And we took them home, and had a special place to keep them, so that it was there, ready for you everyday. We used our poky sticks as stick horses, swords, rifles, spears, and just about anything else we could think of. We poked dead bugs, snakes, and hollow trees were fun to poke. And, yeah, we poked one another too.

We would take a old tin can and put it on the end of a poky stick, then fling the can at someone. If you got hit by the can, you were frozen, until some one came along with their poky stick and tapped you with it. We could spend hours playing with our poky sticks. They were good for getting snakes. And for crawdads. And even getting a old bull frog now and then. But, as we got older, we gave up our poky sticks for other things.

Even now, at the age of 57, everytime I go camping or hunting and we have a camp fire, I find me a poky stick. It's good for moving logs in the camp fire or for stirring the embers when you go to put out your fire. And, as from a previous story, to check for mice when you use the potty in winter.

Everybody should have a poky stick. You never know when you might feel the need to poke something!


  1. I like a good poky stick...they're great for whacking democrats too.

    1. Stephen, LOL! I never thought of that. Course, now I can think of lots of other things to use a poky stick on.

      Thanks for stopping by, and sorry it took me so long to get this to you.

  2. Poky sticks keep you safe from snake bites. You just use the stick before you stick your hand under rocks and other things.

    1. Linda, your so right. I've been thinking of other things that a poky stick is good for.
      Thanks for stopping by. And sorry it took so long to answer your comment.


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