Tuesday, June 9, 2015


The cowboy code was never really written down. But, now and then, a old cowboy would take a boy aside and teach him things. Things to know, things to do. They would pass on a "code" that they had lived by their whole life.

I think that we, as men, in this day and age should maybe take heed. And try and teach young men and boys this "code." I think that women and girls may gain from this also. Maybe we all just need to be reminded now and then.

                        - COWBOY CODE -

 1. Learn all you can and cultivate wisdom.
 2. Speak the truth, and let your word be your bond.
 3. Never betray a trust, or desert a friend.
 4. It's fine to feel fear, but don't let it back you down.
 5. Remember that good never prevails without courage and grit.
 6. Be courteous, polite, and neat.
 7. Be gentle with women, children, and the elderly.
 8. Listen to the elderly, for they can be wise.
 9. Protect and care for those who can't help themselves.
10. Protect the land and care for animals.
11. If something sounds too good to be true, expect that it is.
12. Do the job you're paid to do with honor and pride.
13. Never quit when times are the toughest.
14. Speak straight, speak properly, and don't speak to much.
15. Keep your sense of humor, and don't meddle.
16. Smile, it could open doors for you.
17. When you have done all you can, rest in your faith.
(From: A Look at Life from the Saddle: Stores and Inspirations from a Cowboy, by Armour Patterson)

There are some others. And some are just common sense. It couldn't hurt to put some of these to use today in our lives. Now, if we could just get the young ones to put down their gadgets and listen.

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