Thursday, June 11, 2015


I'm sure that you all know that recreational pot is legal here in Colorado. And now we will have what is called "Canna Camp." Have any of you heard about this? This Canna Camp is in Durango. It is on 170 acres and it will cost you $395 dollars per night, per person.

You can only toke up outside. You can play golf, fish, and I'm sure there are other activities. I guess happy time (hour) starts at 4:20 PM. So, I wonder if they have a place where you can purchase your munchies, or do you have to supply your own? Will you be able to purchase extra pot at the front desk? I mean, if I have to pay close to $400 bucks a night, what else do I get for that price?

And what of the animals? Are we going to have stoned chipmunks running amok? Are you going to be attacked by a stoned  bear that thinks you are a taco from Taco Bell? Are the hummingbirds going to see you as a giant sweet sippy-cup? What about a bull elk or a big buck that's high, and looks at you and decides that it's rutting season all over again?

What about when hunting season comes along? How would you like to be out hunting around Durango, with a bunch of hunters who are stoned? I wouldn't. 'Course, they might have some fantastic food and great munchies, and never set foot out of camp. Or, maybe some of them would trek to their tree stand and, when they set down, find that they forgot to bring their bow with them.

All of this "fun" will start July 1st.

I personally think that Colorado made a BIG mistake by legalizing recreational marijuana. It is more of the dumbing down of America trend. And, yeah, I smoked it years ago. Plus, I drank like a fish. But I grew out of it a long, long time ago. I have no problem with medical pot. If it helps, then by all means be my guest.  But do we really need a hotel that caters to marijuana users?

I wish that the people of Durango would think more about what this could do to their town other than bring in money and the impact it could have. Then again, maybe it will make them all rich.
Note: Kathi here -- I had to sneak this photo in of Jim from an event at a library conference we went to around 2008 -- tie-die, gray wig, leather wrist band, handband and all. Shhhh! He won't know it's here, probably until comments come in. Hee hee hee!

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