Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Oh crap. Monday, I got a call from the wife, and was told by her that she may have a blood clot. 'Course, I was ready to leave Bob's house. (I'm still helping him finish the basement.) So, I got to the hospital as soon as possible. They took Kathi in, did an ultrasound, and, yep, blood clot. Lower right leg calf.

She was put on blood thinners and epoxarin shots. So, I get to play doctor at home. Heh, this could be fun, as soon as she feels a bit better. It's my turn to do things for her, like she did for me when I had them boulders that I was trying to pee out. She has taken over the recliner. It will be her throne to command from for the next several days.

I offered to help her with her shower, but she threw stuff at me. And I found the walker I fixed up for her when she had knee surgery years ago. (The batteries in laser, bomb, and blaster toy are still good.) It cleaned up real nice, and the streamers are still in good shape. As well as the bicycle bell. She feels more stable with the walker than a cane. So it is off to the store for a few snacks for her.

So I may not get to much blogging this week. But will try and keep everyone informed to what else is going on. 


  1. Flier,

    Sending prayers for both of you.
    I hope this blood clot dissolves, and things become easier for Kathi.
    Get well soon sweetie!

    1. Sandy, thank you. I'll pass on your message. She is lounging in the recliner as we speak. She has a doctor visit this Friday, and again on Monday.

      Thank you ever so much.


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