Friday, October 2, 2015


Well, it has been a while since the last post. Thursday, took Kathi in for some more blood tests. She says she is feeling like a pin cushion. She is on blood thinners, and finishing up the heparin shots. I'm doing what I can to help her out and be more comfortable. The recliner is now the seat of choice for her. Her leg with the clot is now turning nice shades of green, yellow, and the neatest coloring of a bluish purplish color.

She will be going in for a CT scan here in the next several days. And then... The colonoscopy and endoscopy. I hope that they now have the skinny fiber optic scope thing, instead of that telephone pole optic scope thing they used on me. I mean, talk about feeling violated. The doctor didn't even give me flowers or take me to dinner.

On to other things. I fixed a nice roast with potatoes and carrots, onion, celery (drool) and some spices. Put it all in our Dutch-oven, and after several hours we had a FEED YOUR FACE meal. Leftovers were made into sandwiches with veggies on the side. After a few days of that, I took what was left, chopped up the rest of the roast and the potatoes and threw it all in a skillet with a can of beans and a half a can of corn. Yum! We had leftovers from that also. Made for a good lunch or two. (And a chorus of whistle britches at night.)

After all of this is done with, I get the joy of going back to help my friend finish with his basement and sump pump. So it has been kind of nice not having to go to his house every day. Course, it will be even better when he pays me for the work. 

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